Long-Only Strategy

The long-only infrastructure strategy is a high-conviction, actively managed portfolio that typically invests in equity securities of global infrastructure companies. The investment objective is to achieve superior absolute and relative risk-adjusted returns over a complete market cycle, while generating a dividend stream meaningfully above the broad equity markets. The strategy focuses on companies that have monopoly or monopoly-like assets that are often highly regulated, and provide visible, long-dated cash flows and inflation protection. Investors gain access to an attractive asset class with low correlation to global equities and fixed income over the long term.

Performance data and additional information about our long-only infrastructure strategy can be furnished to qualified investors and institutions upon request.


Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Focused strategy

In addition to traditional fundamental analysis, our ESG strategy focuses on quantitatively and qualitatively identifying those infrastructure companies most aggressively transforming their portfolios to address ESG factors. While focusing not just on where a company is now, but where it is going, we believe that an ESG focused infrastructure portfolio may not only generate comparable returns to traditional portfolios, but may demonstrate enhanced growth and return potential.


Long/Short strategy

The long/short infrastructure strategy is a high-conviction active management strategy designed to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns irrespective of the direction of the broader market. The fund invests in global infrastructure companies seeking to maximize absolute returns and limit volatility through active risk management. The strategy also may invest in derivatives, preferred equities, fixed income, and private placements.


Enhanced Yield strategy

The enhanced yield infrastructure strategy seeks to increase the portfolio income of the long-only strategy through the addition a covered-call overlay. The ability to utilize options within this portfolio meaningfully enhances both realized yield, while lowering portfolio volatility and correlation to global equity markets.



Our strategies are available to institutional and accredited investors through separate accounts or a privately-offered investment funds, subject to certain qualifications and investment minimums.

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